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Thread: Need Help with iPhone 3G! Unique Situation.

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    Default Need Help with iPhone 3G! Unique Situation.
    I've searched through a ton of forums, and I'm sorry if this is some kind of repeat, but I couldn't find anything on this specific issue.

    I have an iPhone 3G on iOS 4.0, jailbroken using JailBreakMe. I was attempting to edit the springboard to remove shadows through diskaid, since the phone was so slow that cydia and most other apps couldn't even run, and upon restarting the phone it got stuck in the rebooting loop. Obviously I did something wrong, and currently the only thing the phone can do is go into DFU and recovery mode.

    I need to have this phone jailbroken AND unlocked otherwise it's useless to me. This is relatively urgent since it's my only phone and I'm currently in Europe.

    I put the phone into DFU mode and used redsn0w to basically re jailbreak the phone, hoping maybe that could do something, but the phone is still stuck in the booting loop.

    My question is: if I use pwnage tool with a customized 4.1 firmware, now that I attempted to jailbreak with redsn0w, will it be safe, and get my phone to get passed the booting issue?

    I don't really have any options... even though I chose "make my life easier" when I installed cydia, tinyumbrella won't find my shsh blobs because the phone can't start.

    does anyone have any opinions on what I should do? Will greenpois0n be able to help? If I can get on a PC, would sn0wbreeze & iReb work any better? I'm not necessarily looking to upgrade, but I'm assuming there's no fix for the booting issue without doing some sort of reinstall.

    Thanks in advance. Any help is extremely appreciated

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    Put it in DFU and create a custom 4.1 fw with Sn0wbreeze 2.0.2. Then restore to the custom 4.1 fw.

    Btw, Greenpois0n is for new devices such as iP4, iPad, iTv, and iPT 4G. You'd want LimeRa1n. Although you can perfectly get up to 4.1 jb with Sn0wbreeze.

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    Ok great, I'm going to get on a friend's PC as soon as possible and try my luck at it. Thanks for your help!

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