Hello all. I am posting to seek any suggestions,info regarding my situation. I have an IP4 jailbroken and I am having trouble d/l'ing my cydia app. I recently bought a BT keyboard and mouse to be used for school etc. I understand from research that BTstack mouse and BTstack keyboard are needed to accomplish a double BT sync with the devices. I can sync my mouse no problem but I am having trouble with the keyboard part because I can't even d/l the damn app! I bought the BT stack from Cydia but when I start the d/l it stops midway and says "trying to overwrite...also available in iphone.saurik..."I end up having to exit out of the d/l by pressing the home button to navigate anywhere. I even tried to respring, then trying again but to no avail, and also deleting the saurik package but that was a dumb effort so I resisted. It feels like I bought all this equipment and an app for nothing. I need a resolution!!! Can anyone chime in and hook a brother up with how to erase the "trying to overwrite..." screen so I can d/l my app and utilize my equipment? any helpful info is appreciated.