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Thread: Cydia Apps and OS 4.1

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    Default Cydia Apps and OS 4.1
    Is there a reliable source to determine if Cydia apps are compatible with OS 4.1. There is a Google Docs file online, but it doesn't indicate if it is up to date with OS 4.1.

    I really want to have working: SBSettings (with the phone toggle (which was reportedly not working well), push toggle, SBadblock toggle, autolock setting, volume slider toggle, SBsilent toggle, rotation inhibitor toggle), Shrink, Iconoclasm, Infinidock, BossPaper and Activator.

    The Cydia apps I would want to have, but can live without for now: Categories with CategoriesSB, Circuitous with Backgrounder, PrivaCy and AptBackup.

    I think that ******* and Mobile Terminal work with 4.1.

    Any thoughts on what is working with 4.1? Thanks.
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    I don't think there's an updated list. This has multiple apps that show as not working even though they have long since been upgraded to work on iOS4.

    As far as I know, SBSettings work just fine, not sure about the individual toggles though. As for Categories, I suggest using Apple's own folders and then just installing the Infinifolders app so you get pass the 12 app limit.

    As for MobileTerminal, not sure if it's been updated yet, but I know for sure that Saurik made a beta version of it that worked but didn't have gestures.
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    Talk about cracked apps/warez/piracy is not allowed. Neither are the repos or apps that allow them.

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    My apologies. I didn't realize that was an offending app. As for the others, I found that CategoriesSB, MultiIconMover, and Iconoclasm do not work with 4.1. What a bummer. The battery issue isn't a problem with 4.1. I guess I'll have to wait for these to become up to snuff. I would like to use the native folder option, but organizing hundreds of apps is a bear with the native function. It also clashes with Iconoclasm.
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    Your statement says it all, you are pirating. Obviously you didn't pay. If you had paid you should know iconoclasm , shrink, sbrotator all works with iOS 4.1. We don't teach people to steal and we can't help you anymore.
    If we don't support the dev, we will not be enjoying new apps from them.
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    Sorry, we're closed for vacation.

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