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Thread: I phone4 shsh

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    Default I phone4 shsh
    Hi guys, i have just jailbroked my 4 (its on 4.0.1) and i accidently did not choose for cydia to save my shsh. Is there anyway thati can get my shsh saved?

    Sorry if i dont make sence.. My first iphone and my first jailbraeak.



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    nope, apple stopped signing 4.0.1 a long time ago.

    dont screw up your phone until shatter comes out

    apple usually stops signing firmware once a newer version is released. ex. apple signed 4.01 (you could save your shsh file) until 4.02 came out (no more saving 4.01 shsh), and now they only sign 4.1

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    So is a restore the best way of going about this? or shall i leave it? Thanks

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    If you restore without shsh you will have to go to 4.1 and can NOT jailbreak. If I where you I would leave it as is until greenp0ison is released then you can jb 4.1

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    Download TinyUmbrella and choose to save your 4.1 SHSH with Cydia selected as the source. That'll save that SHSH and all future ones on Cydia's server.
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    if you want your jailbreak, DO NOT RESTORE!!!!!!!!!!

    basically, once you restore or upgrade, thats it, you will never be able to go back to 4.01 again because you dont have your shsh files

    just sit tight and enjoy your phone.

    make sure you listen to what dhamien just said too, and make a habit of saving shsh files as soon as a new version of iOS comes out. i have every possible shsh file for an iphone 4 for my phone

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    This has been a eye opener for me..i didnt know that all this was required if JB was an option...and it was from day dot. Thank you for helping me...I will look out and keep my eye out for the JB release for 4.1 and start to save my shsh..

    again thank you and just to let you enjoying the phone even more now t hat its JB!!!

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