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Thread: Restore and Jailbreak and Unlock

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    Default Restore and Jailbreak and Unlock
    Hi all,

    I'm very confused !

    I lost my iphone 3gs a little while ago which was running 3.1.3 with jailbreak but locked. iTunes had been backing up the contacts etc on it prior to it being lost.

    I recently bought a replacement 3gs second hand. This is currently running os4.0.1 with baseband 05.13.04 and locked to vodaphone. It is not jail broken. I requested an official unlock with vodaphone however the process requires sync with itunes and restore (which i assume would then put it on the newest os and baseband which i think there isn't a jailbreak for atm ?)

    So basically i want to

    1- Unlock so that i can use with my current sim
    2. Jailbreak
    and a lower priority but still important
    3. Restore all my contacts (and preferably photos, sms etc) from the old iphone.

    What do I do ??

    Thanks !

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    If it's going to be officially unlocked then the firmware and baseband and irrelevant. You upgrade it to the latest firmware and then restore from backup in itunes so it will put all your old info on it.

    Once done, if you have SHSH blobs on file then you can downgrade back to 4.0.1 and jailbreak with jailbreakme. If you want to check your SHSH files beforehand then download tinyumbrella and see which ones you've got.

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    Hang on cant see how this would work, because if i currently go into tinyunbrella, it will only save the shsh file for 4.1. if i go to advanced options and ask it to save it for 4.0.1, neither apple or cydia have them. this new phone has never been jailbroken before.

    I did not save the SHSH files from my first iphone. I do think i clicked "make my life easier" though.... o wait so does that mean once i restore to backup, and then run tinyumberella, it should be able to request those SHSH files from Cydia ? It would only have 3.1.3 though as thats what i was running on the last iphone.

    Sorry what do i do ?

    Thanks in advance !!

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    If it's a new phone and doesn't have any SHSH blobs on file with Cydia then you won't be able to downgrade it after you've gone up to 4.1.

    However, if you've got old bootrom (could be if your phone is a refurb) and you're feeling brave you could try jbme2pwn and use custom firmware to restore to 4.1. If you decide to go this route, make sure you read around to make sure people are having success with jbme2pwn.

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    No the SHSH files will not work from your old phone.
    If the new phone is on 4.0.1 not 4.1 and can get WIFI then go to and jailbreak it first so you can save the SHSH. If you can't get WIFI without the correct SIM see if you can borrow a SIM from someone. Try asking for a demo SIM at vodaphone and jailbreak it in the store so you can return the demo SIM.

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    that sounds complicated and risky... what if do this ?

    1. jailbreak the phone with jailbreakme
    2. Run cydia and hit make my life easier
    3. run tinyurl to save the SHSH files

    now two different options

    4. Go through with the official unlock, and let it update to 4.1
    5. use the shsh files to downgrade to 4.0.1
    6. jailbreak with jailbreakme again.

    I would prefer though if instead i could

    4. restore to backup (of my old phone)
    5. use the shsh files to downgrade to 4.0.1
    6. jailbreak with jailbreakme again.

    would either work ? do the shsh files have to match the physical phone or the backup i restore ?
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    You cannot get SHSH files for your new phone, no way, no how! SHSH are specific to the handset and the only one you'll be able to get is 4.1 - no matter what firmware or backup you've got on your phone.

    So basically you can't downgrade below 4.1 or restore to anything other than 4.1.

    TBSS method is good if you're not bothered about an official unlock, you can just use ultrasnow to unlock after you JB with JBme.

    If you want your official unlock then there's no way to do it without going to 4.1 which you won't be able to JB (unless you are able to go the custom firmware route, which is unlikely).

    In either case, you will be able to setup the restored phone from an existing backup and get all your old stuff back.
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