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Thread: Greenpois0n not waiting for 4.2 - is this a fake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paganizonda83 View Post
    The iPhone 4 was out for almost a month and a half before Star was released.

    Please give me one logical reason as to why they should wait for iOS 4.2 to drop before they release the new jailbreak. It is a bootrom exploit so once the jailbreak is cleaned up and ready, they will only need to make relatively minor revisions to the jailbreak program in order for it to work on future iOS updates. The same exploit will be used, it will just have to have updated packaging, just like redsn0w is updated by the Dev team.

    I don't know why, but there seems to be a lot more people posting your same view today than normal.
    Rereading this post, I now realize I probably got overly technical. Mea culpa. In short, I believe SHAtter should be released and harnessed as soon as possible if and only if it will always provide a permanently untethered jailbreak regardless of firmware on the current batch of devices.

    Not exactly, there's the entire problem. It's NOT as easy as quickly re-doing redsn0w for new KBAGs and to recognize new IMG3 files.

    For all devices, in order to get to the bootrom (through an LLB mod, a DFU hole, or something else), you NEED an iBoot exploit to flash the NOR/trip DFU correctly/otherwise prepare the bootrom exploit AND launch the patched kernel.

    EDIT: I've re-read MuscleNerd's blog post on the Dev Team's blog, and I must stand corrected. If PwnageTool alone is enough to jailbreak a stock new bootrom device (e.g., the device is 100% stock firmware to begin, the IPSW made by PwnageTool only contains the SHAtter exploit and a patched kernel but no new iBoot-level exploits, and can be restored via a stock iTunes), then we may have a jackpot winner.

    If SHAtter can either halt, break validation, obfuscate or otherwise bypass ECID/SHSH/CERT checks on IMG3 files allowing us to use custom iBoots/iBECs/iBSSs at will (I'd eat my hat if this were the case), OR downgrade iBoot to other legitimate Apple-made (but not ECID/SHSH/CERT signed) varieties allowing for all devices to use a past exploit AND will boot without the need for USB intervention (i.e., tethered) AND will always run unsigned code on every boot without USB intervention (i.e., will always boot untethered regardless of firmware), then I see no reason to withhold the exploit and payload if they're functioning correctly.

    EDIT2: To better clarify "DFU hole:" if SHAtter can call true hardware DFU mode by itself by sending an accurately signed (or obfuscated but deemed valid by the bootrom) WTF file as its exploitation path (or some other method of unpatchably tripping hardware DFU mode without user or USB intervention), and still fulfills all other conditions, then I again stand corrected, let SHAtter rip when it's gold.
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