Hey Guys,

Starting sometime after 10pm on Wednesday Cydia refuses to load any changes after updating the sources.

When I open Cydia is refreshes all sources normally with no error messages. Yet, when I click on the Changes section, I see the "Loading Data" message and then I only see the changes loaded from Wednesday at 10pm and prior.

Any idea what's going on? I've uninstalled Cydia via MobileTerminal and re-installed it but the same issue occurs. I find it odd that after re-installing Cydia Im still seeing changes from Wednesday, but maybe I didn't completely uninstall it?

Here's what I did:

MobileTerminal, logged in as Root. Apt-get remove cydia, confirmed removal. Respringed, apt-get install cydia.

After a respring Cydia re-appeared but it was almost as if I never uninstalled it. All my previous updates on the Changes tab were still there (up till Wed.), but I did confirm that Cydia was removed, or at least it was no longer on my Springboard.

Thanks for your attention.