Hello I am looking for some answers about these horrible problems I am having with my iPod.

Every since 3.0+ I've had problems with all 3 of my iPods. These problems were still there before I jailbroke my iPod but get worse when jailbroken.

My major problem are the lags and freezes. When I'm listening to music and I'm surfing the net my music will skip and I'll start to lag. Sometimes safari even crashes. I also lag/freeze when people pm me in buddy, or just in general does it for no reason. 8 times outta 10 my apps crash instantly to homescreen when I open them.

What's the problem with my iPod? It can't be a bad iPod since I had 2 others that act the same way. They were all jailbroken on 3.0 but my current one (the one With issues) is on 4.0 jailbreak. All are 2nd gens and jailbroken with blackrain on 3.0 and with redsn0w on 4.0