Hello all,
I have a serious problem,
i have a 2g iphone running vers 1.1.4, and broken and unlocked with ZIBRI,
i have been using copytrans manager to add music to the phone.
few days ago i upgraded to itunes vers 10 from 9.03, then when connecting to copytrans manager , it gave an error of a ASL.dll file missing. i uninstalled itunes vers 10, and after restart installed vers 9.03.
It still asked for ASL.dll , when opening copytrans, checked on google, found blackra1n, installed, and while phone was connected to pc, i pressed "make it rain". I saw the itunes logo and the iphone jack on my iphone screen, and in a few seconds , i unplugged the phone from the pc.
Now, the phone only shows the logo and nothing else, upon reboot, and i am worried i may loose precious data. Is it possible to save or retrieve my data. And will using blackrain reformat the phone?
I also have a email id [email protected], should you wish to send me a reply via email. Please help, thank you.