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    Question Anyone know the answer to....
    Just curious,I have an iPhone 4 that had firmware 4.0.1 I was 1 of those people that was able to jailbreak via the way. However I did'nt jailbreak until August 20, 2010 which according to earlier post said that I couldn't save my 4.0.1 setting and even though I clicked on make my life easier Apple would no longer write to this firmware if you jailbreaked after the 19th of August. I was pending an SHSH for about 2 weeks now it says This device has SHSHs on file for iPhone OS/iOS: 4.0.2 So my question is when/if the Dev team comes out with let's say jailbreak for 4.1.0 will I be able to update to that jailbreak? My phone is a working jailbreak can I update this jailbreak when the new one comes out or do I update through Apple first to the latest update and then jailbreak again? I'm hoping I can do the new jailbreak on top of this one
    I mean update this one. I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Saving your blobs is only to restore to that FW. You can not restore to 4.01 so if anything goes wrong and you need to restore now you will lose your JB.
    Upgrading your FW will mean you have to JB again anyway.
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    Thank you so much and I love your quote, so not to look foolish forever
    if I ever have to take my phone to the apple store for service, do I inside of iTunes hit the update button or hit the restore button and will it brick my phone? To make sure I understand what you are saying if a new jailbreak came out 2morrow with all the new added features all of us would re-jailbreak the Dev team never do updates to the jailbreaks? Like the last time they just put the pdf patch we didn't have to redo the jailbreak. In 4.1 they fixed many issues will the Dev team offer those fixes? Please forgive me I'm new to this and I'm old, but you guys are great so I'm learning lots my grand-kids will be proud of me. This forum is the best. I'm tinkering around with stuff since I'm newly retired

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    No, 4.02 was a minor patch to fix the exploit that Spirit used, that was all it did and Apple didn't fix it for all devices so the Dev Team did. They would not normally fix anything.
    Congratulations on your retirement and I'm sure your grand-kids will be proud of you, you're doing great (apart from 2morrow - text speak is OK for texts to your grand-kids, but not here please).
    Nice to see someone even older than me here....
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Thank you for your response but you forgot to address the first part of my question which was, to get rid of my jailbreak for a trip to the apple store would I click on update or restore inside of itunes? Also in your opinion since my blobs were not saved is it worth it to keep my current jailbreak? I need to get the proximity sensor fixed but I will surely miss my jailbreak TNA

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    To remove traces of JB youd upgrade since you have no blobs to restore to. A bit risky if they give the same phone back to you cuz then yes you wont have your JB for a while. Then again if they replace your phone it might come with 4.0.2 (maybe some chance youll get one with 4.0.1) youd still not have a JB yet.

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