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Thread: Possible way to downgrade 4.0.2 to 4.0.1

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    Exclamation Possible way to downgrade 4.0.2 to 4.0.1
    So here's how I did it. My 2 day old iphone displayed a temperature screen saying it needed to cool down before I could use it but the phone wasn't hot . So I took a picture of the screen and I took my iphone 4 into the apple store running version 4.0.2. I explained what happened to the Apple Genius and he plugged my iphone into his laptop and ran a diagnostic scan. My iphone reported that it had reached an internal temperature of 1208.2 degrees farenheit That's right 1200 degrees!!! So we had a few laughs about that and the genius went to the back to get me a new iphone. He brought back a box, not an iphone 4 box, and he pulled out my new iphone. I took the iphone home and was amazed to find that it was running iOS 4.0.1!!

    So we know that all new iPhones are shipped with version 4.0.2 but the iphones in the apple store that are used as replacement may still be running 4.0.1 because they were shipped before 4.0.2 was released. The Apple store employees won't replace your iphone unless it is defective so here is my step by step guide to get your iphone replaced and hopefully get a new one on 4.0.1!

    Step 1: Place iPhone in microwave
    Step 2: Take iPhone to Apple store Genius and demand a new one

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    Nice one on the exchange but a pretty bold move putting your phone in the microwave. I think I'll be skipping that process and wait for the jailbreak when its ready.

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    lol the microwave was a joke I'm sure u can con a genius into believing your iphone is defective and get a new one.

    Just tell them the temperature thing has happened a few times but you restored your phone that morning (which will explain the diagnostic scan not detecting anything)

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