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Thread: 3G Wanting to go 4.1

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    Default 3G Wanting to go 4.1
    Okay so I have an iPhone 3G on T-MOBILE. Does redsn0w work for jailbreaking on 4.1 GM? or Should i just use redsn0w when the official one comes out? I really want to try ios 4.1 and people have been telling me its faster. I also don't have an AT&T simcard so im hoping redsn0w would hacktivate it? Post up some feedback if your 3G is on 4.1.

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    dont take this the wrong way but if 4.0 runs slow on 3G wouldnt 4.1 kill it.

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    All I've heard is that 4.1 is much faster on the 3g than the earlier ios 4 firmwares.

    From the redsn0w website it looks like beta 2 can be jailbroken but there are a lot of problems. Just wait till next week when we al lget 4.1 and hopefully the dev team has a jailbreak and unlock in store.

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    Wouldnt hurt to go to 4.1 when a stable JB is released cuz you can always downgrade to 3.1.x on a 3G.

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    there is a video on the net showing that 4.1 is faster then 4.0 on the 3g

    Update: here is the video

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    iPhone 3G on 4.1 is way too fast than 4.0, but if you update you will not be able to unlock it, because 4.1 has a new baseband

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    Right, when the new jailbreak comes out the process for unlockers will be to update to 4.1 (or 4.2) while preserving their baseband with tinyumbrella so you can unlock. Then you can jailbreak and install the current version of ultrasn0w. Should be very interesting. If you have update to 4.1 I don't know if you will ever be able to unlock. The dev team has been making it sound like that lately.

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    iPhone 3G users don't have to wait for the new jailbreak to update, they just have to wait for pwnage tool to be updated to support 4.1. Tiny umbrella is only preserving the baseband on iPhone 4, not 3G or 3GS so I wouldn't rely on that tool for preserving baseband on a 3G or 3GS.

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    4.1 is way better than 4.0 performance wise on a 3g but there aint no jailbreak yet so you can't unlock it.

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