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Thread: [HowTo] For Reverse iPhone Tethering via USB

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    Default Reverse iPhone Tethering via USB almost working
    I enjoyed alk blog: SSH to get your iphone online via USB cable but I don't use Edge as I have no cell service just was given the iPhone 2G, so using it as iPod Touch.

    Using alk's same method of setup except instead of Privoxy using OpenVPN on iPhone, setting OpenVPN to and on TunnilerPortable putting OpenVPN port to your OpenVPN server.

    I can write out better instructions later.

    This method has been confirmed on both an iPhone 2G 3.1.3 and an iPhone 3G 4.0.


    Here is all that I did to finally get it working:

    1. Have a working OpenVPN or OpenVPN Access Server (what I have).

    2. Obtain OpenVPN for iPhone (

    3. Install GuizmoVPN and take from it, as this will be needed.

    4. Edit client.ovpn to "up" and "down"

    5. Make a second script to the following:

    /usr/sbin/scutil << EOF
    d.add ServerAddresses * DNS_IP1 DNS_IP2 (where these two IPs are can be anything OpenDNS, Google DNS, your ISP)
    set State:/Network/Service/OpenVPN/DNS

    6. Grab a copy of ( and just use Run Tunnel.bat

    7. Get a copy of Tunnlier Portable from and keep all settings normal, including host is, Port 22, but in S2C Forwarding put in, "443" or your OpenVPN port, to 443, hostname of VPN.

    8. Point your client.ovpn to instead of your actual host but keep same port.

    9. Connect to the VPN using openvpn --config client.ovpn --script-security 2

    10. Run the DNS script as it seems to have to be ran afterwards. Will need a second window, so "Open a New Console Window" or use PuTTY. Whatever is to your liking.

    This method seems to need to get some slowness worked out as my maximum download speed seems to be 25kb/s.

    Though as this seems to be the only method to get Internet on the iPhone without WiFi, it's obviously slow or nothing, and after a while you will just take the slow.
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    I got an iPhone 3GS and the WI-FI does not work ... I wish I could connect it to the Internet through the USB cable....

    the last attempt I made was the method described in the article alk blog: SSH to get your iphone online via USB cable but I fail to make it work ... I'm running out of options ....

    so ... this method works with IOS 4.2.1? there some other more updated? please could you explain more about this procedure? I've been stuck in step 4... and unfortunately I'm not a very advanced user ...

    also I have a very limited connection behind a proxy through the PC..

    Thanks in advance...
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    Default More info please
    Can you please provide more info about the proxy you are behind?

    If it's advanced enough, this entire procedure will not work being that you need to be able to connect to an OpenVPN server you are running and I have a feeling from past experiences that the proxy will probably deny you.

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    well .... here we have several virtual machines running on a VMware server... they are all connected to the internet through the proxy ... I think using some username and password to authenticate...

    so... if I use the OpenVPN Access Server Virtual Appliance as a new virtual machine... ensuring that connects to the internet like the other VMS ... could I make the method work??....

    then the OpenVPN server would be accessible from my PC through the local network... right?

    could I run a similar setup??

    thanks for the quick response...

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