Hi guys, a total jailbreaking noob here. I have a frustrating problem.

From reading through forums and posts I understand that there are two partitions on the phone.

I don't know how or when but my system partition on my iphone 4 became full. I think it might be due to installing SNES AD or NES AD. I tried to delete them but i can't since it needs some space to unpack the uninstaller. Therefore, I proceeded to uninstall like twenty of my games on my iphone and some videos but to no avail. I understand that they are on a different partition but I thought that they might have server IDs and stuff that were linked to my system partition.

Therefore, next I tried to OpenSSH or whatever, but again, I am a complete noob and couldn't figure out how to do that. So then I used Disk AID and opened up the files and started deleting many files in the root directory that I thought wouldn't affect performance. I started with CACHE files and made my way to SNES and NES files (since I thought this might be the problem).

All to no avail. My phone works fine and everything is okay but I can't install/uninstall any more apps due to my limited space. I have 99.9% used according to Cydia's Storage View.

Would deleting text messages and emails help? Please, this is driving me nuts.

I was thinking of a full restore but I have way too many things on my iPhone and don't wanna go that route if at all possible. Plus, I don't have any old firmwares and so it would probably update me to the newest one and thus allowing for no more jailbreaks - i think.

Anyways, please help me and I thank you in advance.