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Thread: Please help me help someone else

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    Default Please help me help someone else
    I sold a phone to a guy in the UK and he updated the phone to 4.0.2. The JB is gone and so is the unlock. I've been chatting with him on how to JB with redsn0w .0.9.5b-5 and usin the iPhone1,2_4.0 fw. He has a computer on windows 7 and using internet explorer. We finally got to where redsnow recognized the ipsw file. He goes through the dfu sequence and then he said the phone goes black and nothing happens. He said that the redsnow will say rebooting and then says the rest will be done on the phone. I've done 100 of these Jailbreaks and never had this issue. I don't know how to help him. The only thing I know that is different is I use google chrome and vista and he has internet explorer and windows 7. What could be the problem? Thank you a million for any and all help!!!

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    so, he's
    1) On a 3G or iPod Touch 2g (non-mc)?
    2) running 4.0.2 and pointing to the 4.0 IPSW
    3) Run in compatibility mode, maybe XP?
    4) running as administrator?
    5) run in safe mode
    6) try on a different computer

    He could try 1-5 at once if not try a different computer.

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    Iphone 3g 8gb. I'm not familiar with windows 7 at all. Do you know how he would run in compatibility mode on it? I have thought about seeing if he can do it on another computer. He is getting the whole way through to where it says jailbreaking and then says the rest will finish on the device. But nothing is happening on the phone. I am wondering if it could be a browser issue. He's on IE and I'm wondering if that plays a part in the ipsw file. He has to convert it from a zip file to ipsw. He has tried to download google chrome but it says page connect be displayed. He said it just will not work on his computer and I can't figure that one out either. He does get internet on IE. Anyhow, that's the update. Thank you for your reply! It means a lot!

    I got it. It was his sim card. If anyone else had this problem make sure the sim card is out.
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    Great, I'm glad you got it working.

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