Greetings all --

I've tried to do my due diligence, searching for an answer to my problem, but to no avail. I hope someone here can help me...?

I have an iPhone 3GS, which is running iOS 4.0.1, and is Jailbroken with JailbreakMe. I have SHSH blobs backed up on Cydia for both iOS 4.0 and 4.0.1.

I'm trying to move from sync'ing to my laptop, to a different PC (a desktop,) without losing anything on the phone side at all, if possible. Both computers are running WinXP Pro (32 bit.)

Can someone suggest the best method? It seems there are several issues to consider:

1) The best way to go about switching even a NON-Jailbroken phone to another computer. (Online info about this is sort of sketchy, I've found.)

2) What to do once I've gotten to the new machine, so to speak. (Specifically with regard to the Jailbreak. Do I have to restore to 4.0.1 "officially," and then re-JB? I'm guessing I can't even do that without my SHSH blobs on Cydia -- which I've never used before, but have been reading saurik's how-to about it -- Not sure what's best here.)

3) The possibility of copying my current backup folder to the new machine, and subbing it in for the default backup folder. Will iTunes see this folder at all? Or would it have had to been backed up on that machine for it to work? In other words, I don't know how the new machine will react to the iPhone, previously sync'd with another machine, other than telling me it knows I hadn't sync'd to the new machine before. From there it seems it would want to start from scratch.

Anyway, don't know if that all makes sense. Would appreciate any advice.