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Thread: Best software to use with jailbroken 3g

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    Default Best software to use with jailbroken 3g
    Hi guy's let me start by saying I did try a search but nothing came up, I have got an iphone 16gb 3G witch when i first got it was running 3.1.3os shortly after getting it I jailbroke it with spirit and all seemed fine it ran ok a bit slow and buggy with the occasional crash but nothing major to worry about, then after a chat with a friend about how amazing the 4.0.1 update was I decided to upgrade only to find out the amazing features available on his 3GS weren't available on the 3G, so I found a suitable jailbreak for it (redsn0w 0.9.5) but it made the phone run really slow and crash all the time and none of the apps would work, google maps, messaging, safari ect.. so since then I have managed to downgrade back to 3.1.3 and re jailbreak its better but still not right its slow keeps freezing so I have now upgraded to 4.0.2 without jailbreak, so I was just wondering is there a better firmware to use for the 3G? I think I read somewhere (but can't remember where) that the newer updated firmware are designed to run on the 3GS and 4G which runs bigger RAM so the earlier 3G can run slower due to the smaller processor and RAM? any info or advise guy's would be much appreciated as I'm sick of staring at a frozen screen every 4-5 seconds when I use my phone

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    3.1.2 i would say is the best 2 use with an iphone 3g

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    Quote Originally Posted by plcrules View Post
    3.1.2 i would say is the best 2 use with an iphone 3g
    agreed when i had my 3g i never had a problem with 3.1.2...
    only thing is if you like apps in the apple app store alot of them wont let you download due to only compatible with 3.1.3 (******** just an upgrade method)

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    3.1.2 or 3.1.3 should be fine for a 3G.

    1) Did you restore form a backup? That would cause the slowness.
    2) What jailbreak did you use?

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    cheers for the replys guy's, I restored through itunes using shift restore and using an ipsw file then ih8sn0w IREB V3.1.2 to fix the stuck in recovery screen then spirit to jailbreak,

    I have just downgraded to 3.1.2 and jailbroken with spirit so will see how that goes, I also read a great thread on here about freeing up some ram so that might be the way to go to cure the slow running and crashing,
    Cheers for your help so far guy's

    ok small problem I have downgraded to 3.1.2 jailbroken with spirit and followed the remove LaunchDaemons guide on this forum and all was fine and working well but after rebooting the iphone is now stuck on the apple logo and itunes wont recognise it so I cant restore or put it into DFU mode can anyone help me I think I broke it!
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    Are you sure you can't put it into DFU mode?
    - hold power button 5 seconds
    - keep holding hold home button 10 seconds
    - let go power hold home 25 seconds

    Go into recovery mode
    -hold home button and plug into iTunes

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    sorry for the delay I've been off mountain biking in Wales, thanks for the help I got the phone into recovery mode and all is working ok now except when I turn it off when I try and turn it back on again it gets stuck on the apple screen, but I will start another topic for that
    Cheers Simon

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    Ok thank you everybody for your help everything is running smoothly and correctly now, if anyone's interested after LOTS of of trial and error with different firmware I have found what I belive to be the best setup I'm now running 3.1.2 jailbroken with spirit with the safe launchDaemons deleted, note I finally found out why the phone wouldn't reboot (well actually not why just how to fix it) when deleting the daemons you need to delete them straight from the phone through SSH and not copy the file delete the daemons and then copy the modified file back for some reason it was screwing up the phone on reboot, I now have a very smooth Iphone 3G with no lag or crashing running around 45/60mb free memory
    Thanks again

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    I've used disable daemons (might be one word). It has never caused me any problems.

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    If u don't have a jailbreak now then just go to OS4.1 it's got a built in feature to support the speed problem with 3G and ios4.

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    ios 4.1 is really fast on a iphone 3g but i dunno if its still going to be the same when jailbroken.

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    It really shouldn't be slower. If you have too many apps running in the background like SBSettings it will be slower. But if I understand this correctly, the new jailbreak should be faster as it runs at a lower level.

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    If you want my opinion, make a custom 3.1.2 firmware with Snowbreeze or Pwnagetool. Don't update to 4.1 from Apple because you'll lose your unlock if you upgrade the baseband. Blackra1n on 3.1.2 works great too. I suggest you stay off 4.X since the old 3G can't handle it properly. Unless you /really/ need the spellcheck feature in 4.X, stay away (I love it). As for the launch daemons to disable try this thread on iPodTouchFans (it's very concise, no point in rewriting a guide that already exists).

    Speed Up Your iPhone/iPod by Removing Launch Daemons - iPod touch Fans forum - iPod, iPhone and iPad

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    Speaking of spellcheck. I love Inspell from Cydia, better than iOS 4's built in...

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