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Thread: Need Help iPod Touch 2 Gen MC 4.0.2

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    Default Need Help iPod Touch 2G/MC 4.0.2 [solved]
    Is there any way to load the 4.0 software without using an SHSH? I need to find sometype of firmware loader out there, has anyone found one yet?
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    Can't jailbreak MC model on 4.0.2. Why did you update?

    On an iPod touch 2G you should be able to easily shift-restore to 3.1.3 and jailbreak with

    If you don't have SHSHes for 4.x.x you can't update and jailbreak.

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    IDK, mate... I just downgraded using this technique and boy am I so happy! Downgrade iPod Touch 2G/3G 4.0.2 to iOS 4 I was about to give up when I did one more search and technique... :P that IP in the hosts file is the legit one, others I tried are screwed up or invalid lol...

    EDIT: Side note, not SHSHs were needed using this way... I was thankful for that so now I will save them for later and ignore the alerts to upload to 4.0.2 lol...
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    All of the methods to downgrade without SHSHes weren't real. It was explained on the tinyumbrella blog here.

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    Then you will really have to explain to me how I downgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.0 without an SHSH. Because if it was absolutely impossible without warrant then the gods have given me a blessing. Any ideas how I could use that downgrade technique and achieve a full downgrade to 4.0 or should I just accept it as a blessing and keep it as it is now?

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    Just say it was a blessing.
    Have you ever pressed the make my life easier, or ever used tinyumbrella?

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    I didn't have SHSH for 4.0 so it didn't work for me. I tried over and over using all different combos.

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    Hmm, was it you downgraded 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 when Apple was still signing?
    That's right, hopefully you'll get a jailbreak for 4.1 next week.

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    no when I posted this thread it was right after downgrading to 4.0, not 4.0.1 because its an iPod Touch 2G/MC-Model...
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    Oh, ok.

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    Yep, so I have no idea if it was a fluke or if I am just skilled enough in bypassing to have done it... lol... All I know is that apple had unsigned their 4.0 for about 1-2 weeks when I tried downgrading first time...

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    Lets just go with skills, lol. *pats deth4uall on the head*

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