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Thread: Getting my (spirit)JB 3gs to iOS4

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    Default Getting my (spirit)JB 3gs to iOS4
    Hey I know you guys get bugged with this sort of question all the time..

    I actually have done a fair bit of research on this topic but that's only lead me to more confusion on the matter.

    I'm hoping somebody could help just lay this out for me.

    I'm looking to bring my 3gs,jailbroken with spirit, up to date with the 4.x firmware.

    I'm running

    3gs(new bootrom)

    Hopefully theres an untethered JB on the other end up upgrading.
    I'm pretty certain I have to downgrade and than upgrade since I used Spirit, and I had to do this to install Spirit, so Ill point out I have my SHSH blobs saved to Cydia.

    Any and all help is extremely appreciated.
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    Thank you very much for the info on how to downgrade
    Still leaves me blank on how to get iOS4 on my mobile
    or how to jailbreak that tho

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    Ummm... did you read it right? It has all the info you need to get to 4.0/4.0.1 and then jailbreak...

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    aaaaahhh my bad.
    I thought I opened the link but I accidently was in another tab I had opened.

    I'll look over it much more closely this time

    So I have to install 4.0.1 or 4.0 to get those SHSH signatures.

    How do I do that tho?
    The whole point is I'm trying to install 4.x
    Do I do upgrade from my current state than downgrade than re-upgrade?

    If I do the update through itunes it will bring me to 4.0.2 which I understand has huge problems for jailbreaking/unlocking(I'm not worried about unlocking at all).
    Than I still wont have the signatures for 4.0 or 4.0.1, right?
    Is there a way to only upgrade to one of those?

    Sorry for being so troublesome, again all the helpis very greatly appreciated.
    Im still pretty new to modifying my iphone.
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    you have to already have the SHSH files. Check your Cydia to see whicch ones you have, you can only upgrade/downgrade to those firmwares. Hopefully you'll have 4.0 or 4.0.1 if not you can't upgrade.

    If you have the SHSH files you can upgrade with the help of tinyumbrella.

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    Cydia says I have 4.0 and 4.0.1, awesome!

    And this is true even tho I've never had either installed?

    Ok so I just search and download any ispw for 4.0.1?
    If I remember right when I downgraded before to put Spirit on, I hadto use a specific ispw file.

    Are there any inherent risks for a jailbroken iOS4?

    Do I need to worry about losing my data or network connectivity or anything else?
    Will I still be able to use sbs settings and winterboard themes that were designed for the older firmwares?
    Im very, very fond of fontswap, android lock, winterboard themes, etc. etc..
    Just anything at all I need to be aware of?

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    1) Great!
    2) Yep
    3) download the 4.0.1 firmware at iPod, iPhone and iPad Firmware Download
    4) Not all apps are compatible with iOS 4, but all the best are being updated very quick;y
    5) Check all your favourite apps and see if it says updated for iOS 4 in the description or in the change log. Don't install them if it doesn't say that, just to be safe.

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    Amazingly helpful, thank you!!

    So there are no other limitations, risks, or issues with a jailbroken iOS4 on a new bootrom 3gs I should know of?

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    I really don't think so, you should be good to go. Is there a problem in particular you have heard of?

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    Loss of carrier signal and data connectivity is what Ive heard from various sources.
    Also,are you finding all your JB tweaks working right?
    Like switcher and fontswap and winterboard and sbs settings in particular

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    There shouldn't be any probmes with your signal, especially if yoU aren't using an unlock.

    Unfortunately I poor and I dont even have a iOS 4 compatible device, so I can't test if they are all specifically working. If it says updated for iOS 4 it will work.

    Not all winterboard themes are updated, SBSettings works, and what is switcher?

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    Proswither is the UI for the "Backgrounder" multitasking app.

    Thank God SBSetting works!
    I couldnt live without that on my unit

    Also, what about **********/Appsync?

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    1) oh, proswitcher, I don't think it's updated yet but the developer said proswitcher is being updated

    2) Indeed.

    3) I've heard it works but I don't use it, or at least that's what I have to say, lol.

    Just check the cyida page for these apps and it will tell you, seriously.

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    hahaha ok will do
    Thank you VERY much for allthis info it's invaluable!

    Also, outof curiosity, why do these forums censore the word "Instal.l0us" ?:S

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    Becuase it's illegal and they don't like people talking about illegal things on a site about all the things you can do jailbroken without doing anything illegal.

    I just said illegal a lot, lol.

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    SBsettings has a couple of issues, but 95% of it works just fine Airplane mode doesn't kill my phone modem. Instead it sends it to Searching. I have to use airplane mode from the stock iPhone Settings App.

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    Ooooone last question;
    Will it be untethered?
    It being a new boot ROM and all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SynysterGates View Post
    Ooooone last question;
    Will it be untethered?
    It being a new boot ROM and all..

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    So I was fiiiinaaally able to sit down and attempt to do this.

    When I go to cydia from my iphone at the top it says I have the shsh blobs on file for 3.1.2 thru 4.0.2 yet when I run tiny umbrella, I can only see 4.1 saved on file.
    I can see in its processing notes that a request for 4.0.1 was made..

    Im running windows vista and itunes 9.1.1 if that matters at all.

    Any idea whats going wrong?
    I attempt to do the shift+restore but very early on run into an error and it all stops.

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