I, like many others, went up to 4.0.1 on my 3g and found the speed very disappointing. So I've been looking to downgrade for a while now. This morning, after many attempts to get my phone past all the errors (like 21 and 16xx) to downgrade I finally restored my phone to 4.0.1, and then immediately attempted to downgrade (through DFU mode in itunes) and it worked. happy to finally have it back to 3.1.2 I tried using redsn0w to no avail (after a moment of it sitting on "waiting to reboot" my phone just opens into the Emergency connect to itunes screen) then blackra1n (but it just does nothing when I click make it rain), then I tried blacksn0w, and had it create a 3.1.2 jb file to restore though iTunes with, but again iTunes is giving me error 21 whenever I try, so I tried iREB to get past the errors, but it just doesn't do anything... I'm about to just restore up to 4.0.2 in hopes that redsn0w will work to jb, but i'm a little afraid. can anyone offer ANY advice to get me past the errors, and get my iphone jailbroken? please?