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Thread: TSS pending at 4.0.1 and then upgraded to 4.0.2

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    Default TSS pending at 4.0.1 and then upgraded to 4.0.2

    I'm hoping someone can answer this question. I got 2 Iphone 4 one is 2 days ago and the other is 5 days ago.

    Here is the situation, the one from a few days ago no problem all working well on 4.0.1. The other from 5 days ago is the problem. I initially jailbroke it on 4.0.1 and did the cydia thing to make my life easier. A couple days later something went really wrong and now it's upgraded to 4.0.2. I used tiny umberalla to try to find it and says' it can't be found I'm to late. My question is this. Am I to late or is it just that cydia doesn't have it yet?

    The other phone still says pending tss is it possible that the one with the problem is still pending I can't tell as I don't have cydia on it right now. Does it take more then 5 days to get it?

    Please I'm praying someone has good news for me?

    thank you

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    I've got bad news for you.

    It's unlikely Cydia has 4.0.1 for you. In order to ensure you have the files you need to use tiny umbrella straight away. Cydia can take a lot of time before it goes for the file and in this case it looks like it didn't do it in time....

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    Grrr that is bad news.

    My other phone is on 4.0.1 but says still pending even using tinyumberall I can't get to save 4.0.1 for that phone how do i do that.

    On the on 4.0.2 if i wait longer will it eventually be on cydia I started the process before i upgraded ot 4.0.2

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    It doesn't matter which version of firmware the phone is on, cydia will continue to get you only the version which apple is currently signing. This means if cydia didn't get 4.0.1 already then you can no longer get it (yes, even if you are still on 4.0.1 on the phone). Get tiny umbrella and double check that you don't have 4.0.1 already, cydia can take a while to show the files even though it already has them on file and also get the files for 4.0.2.

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    Thanks on the other it says still pending if pending does that mean I will get it for the one. I understand i'm screwed for the other.

    Any thought if there will be a jailbrake for 4.0.2

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    you will get 4.0.2 fir the other one and as far as I know there will be no jailbreak for 4.0.2, possibly for 4.1 in September but who really knows for sure

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    If tiny umbrella can't get it for you, nothing can.

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