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Thread: iTunes doesn't see my phone

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    Default iTunes doesn't see my phone
    Apologies if this has already been covered- I searched but couldn't find an answer. My JB/unlocked 3GS is on 3.1.2. I just upgraded iTunes to 9.2.1 in order to upgrade my phone to 4.0, but iTunes doesn't even see the phone when it's connected. I have been up to 4.0 on my phone through another computer, but went back down because my apps, music, etc. are on the computer I just upgraded, so I know I can get my phone to 4.0 if only iTunes will see it. I can't go the jailbreakme route because I need hactivation. I have lots of hashes stored, have edited my hosts file, etc. I've reinstalled iTunes to no avail. Is there something I need to modify on my computer? (It was kind of a funky iTunes upgrade- long story.) Any ideas?

    Should I upgrade my phone on the other computer and then see if the recently-upgraded computer recognizes my 3GS when it's at 4.0? I really need the official apps stored on the recently-upgraded computer.
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    try completely uninstalling iTunes and install again (since you said it was "kind of a funky iTunes upgrade), should hopefully fix the problem

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    Fair enough, but no reported problems with 9.2.1 and severely jb/ul'd phones?

    Nope, no love from iTunes even after uninstalling and reinstalling. What gives?? iTunes is such crap.
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    Wonky USB cable? Does Windows recognize it?
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    Did you try DFU or Recovery Mode? iTunes always picks my phone up in Recovery Mode. One time I couldnt get it into DFU so I used Recovery instead.

    Btw if you wanna go to 4.0, you cant hacktivate. Youll need an official carrier's SIM on a 3GS. You can go the PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze route if you have the old boot, but if you have the new boot, jailbreakme is the only option.

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    Yeah I've got a homecooked fw that I've already successfully installed before from another computer, but I downgraded because there weren't enough compatible apps. I'll try other solutions tomorrow. (it's an old-boot phone,)

    UPDATE: 3GS now on 4.0 through the use of another computer. My computer still doesn't see my phone, so no music, contacts, etc. Also had to manually install all apps (what a pain). Interestingly, my girlfriend's new computer (and thus also iTunes 9.2.1) doesn't see her phone either. What is up??

    iOS 4 is mostly a pain- the file structure is rather different, making modding a PITA.

    Oh, and, now the app store crashes every time I try to install another app. Gotta love Apple...
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    If you've reinstalled iTunes and put the device in DFU if seems like a hardware problem on your computer. Do other usb devices work?

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    Thanks everyone, problem solved. iTunes didn't update properly, and I didn't fully uninstall it before reinstalling. Back to fully dialed-in iPhone goodness!

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