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Thread: iphone 4 problem, please help

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    Default iphone 4 problem, please help

    i have a bit of a problem, i hope someone can help me. i live in belgium, bought a new iphone 4 from the states. how would i go about jailbreaking and unlocking it so i may use it? i know about 'jailbreakme' site and that, but the problem with a foreign iphone is i do not have safari yet on it. i looked all around for a solution to this problem, but i have yet to find a solution to my problem. is there anyone out there that can lend assistance please???? thanks for taking the time to help!

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    If your iphone is new then safari is on it. it comes with it.

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    well here is the problem. with my foreign iphone when i connect it with itunes it says something to the fact, 'sms card not supported, blah blah' so i cannot access safari. thanks for the reply

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    ok, take out the sim card and hook it up. see if you can set it up like an ipod touch. I will stay on.

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    well, the thing is i pick it up on monday. i was hopping to have an answer b4 then if possible or an idea on how to begin. i have experience in jailbreaking and unlocking my past iphones, but from what i seen the only way atm is to go to safari go to '' jailbreak it then go to cidia and download the ultrasnow or so for carrier unlock.

    i've also seen that the new iphone has a smaller sim card. would it b possible if i had the at&t sim card to use that to access safari? not to sure thought if my itunes would recognize the foreign iphone if you know what i mean. thanks for ur help!

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    It does have a smaller sim card. I have seen cutters for sale so you can cut yours to fit. I cannot remember when I got mine if it was like a new ipod touch with the os in tack. if it is then you should "in theory" be able to find wifi and use safari then after you do all your breaking put you sim car in and you would be good to go. I cannot think of anything more right know. I hope this helps when you do get it.

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    Thanks Nightkeeper, i'll try it monday and see if it works then report back here. if anyone else has any other suggestions that has not yet been mentioned please post em, thanks a lot for the help!

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    you are welcome

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