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Thread: Using saved SHSH blobs from one iPhone (3GS) to restore another iPhone (4)

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    Smile Using saved SHSH blobs from one iPhone (3GS) to restore another iPhone (4)
    The problem: Jailbroke my iPhone 4 recently and went a little happy-go-lucky with the apps and themes, and now with most of the calls I make I am either fully muted or mostly muted, so that the other person is left saying, "Hello? Hello?", even with 5 bars.

    Things I have tried:
    1. Resetting the phone (no difference)
    2. Plugging in the earphones and talking through the attached microphone (no difference)
    3. Used voice memo app to test mic (recorded several minutes perfectly)
    4. Placed a call through Skype (worked without a hitch)
    5. Removed all jailbroken apps (still voice problems)

    So I feel like my next step is to try and restore the phone and re-jailbreak it. I'd just go straight to restoring it but I didn't get the SHSH blobs in time. However, I did get the SHSH of my former iPhone 3GS, which says, "This device has SHSHSs on file for iPhone OS / iOS: 3.1.3, 4.0. 4.0.1" Is there any way at all to use these SHSHs to restore my iPhone 4 to its 4.0.1 which I can then rejailbreak? The 3GS for which I have SHSH blobs is without a contract and just being used as an iPod Touch..

    THANK YOU!!!
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    no, shsh's are device specific so they are not interchangeable

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    Quote Originally Posted by j3st3r3 View Post
    no, shsh's are device specific so they are not interchangeable
    dang. figured. any other ideas for workaround ? or rather, is there an easy way to clean up some of my jailbreak mess aside from removing application after application ?

    And I'm still a bit confused... If, by going into the Windows system "hosts" file and adding the line we can change what server iTunes looks to for verifying the ipsw, why can't Saurik's server just always beam back the Go-Ahead sign for the restores ?
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    Again, the SHSHs are device specific, as in two iPhone 4s are sitting next to each other, but only one has SHSHs, the other device can't use them.

    Saurik's server won't return the SHSH request for your device because the SHSH was never saved on his server to begin with.

    Sorry for the bad news. But, in a couple of weeks, 4.1 will be here, and all will be well again.

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