ok guys lets give this a go.

I have an Iphone3GS from 3.0 JB with Purplera1n and then things messed up with ********** so i thought i would update it. Did alot of reading a realised i cannot restore anymore without SHSH didnt realise what it was at the time as been out the game for quite sometime. Its the old bootrom i have and i updated it to 3.1.3 custome firmware with snowbreeze. problem is that now its causing me lots of problems like poor reception and always saying no cellular data so internet or 3g Network dont work.

I want it back to the original 3.1.3 or even lower but dont know how this is possible as i dont want to go to 4XX Firmware at the min.

When it is back on 3.1.3 i will use spirit and hop this works best or if there any other solutions can someone please help.