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Thread: Visual Voicemail not working?

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    Default Visual Voicemail not working?
    Ok I jailbroke my iPhone 4 on the first day the jailbreak was available (8/1/10) and only just realized today (8/11/10) that I haven't been receiving my voicemails. The visual voicemail screen is still there and it isn't prompting me for a password. The last voicemail visible is from 7/20/10. I called myself to check my messages but there were no dates attached to the 11 messages. I am going to assume that the jailbreak did this somehow.

    I have already tried resetting my network settings (which puts me in safe mode), does anybody know if there is a cydia app that could have caused this (I've installed quite a few things in these past 10 days )? Or a fix that isn't a restore would be good too.


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    Uhhh I need to know what you have on Cydia xD too much?
    Just delete the ones you know arent good but dont go and delete SBSettings, cuz of course it wont have errors and winterboard wont have errors, all the famous ones dont.

    If you restore now you can downgrade to 4.0.1 if you have the ipsw because Apple is still signing 4.0.1

    That's all I got since I dont have voicemail...
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    Ok so I know you do not want to restore, believe me I didn't want to either but this is quite easy. May take about 30 mins or so. I had to restore to get FaceTime back and this worked for me. This is how I did it.

    1. Download "aptbackup" and "appbackup" from Cydia
    These will allow you to back up your cydia and appstore apps. You will not see the back ups only when you restore.
    2. Back your apps and apts up.
    3. Sync your phone this will also save all your picture contacts etc.
    4. Make sure you have the 4.0.1 IPSW if not Download it from the net.
    5. Click "Shift" PC or "Option" Mac when you are ready to restore
    6. Chose your IPSW ***DO NOT UPGRADE TO 4.0.2****
    7. Wait for it to do its magic and restore to the sync *Step 3*
    8. Go to
    9. on Cydia get the two mentioned on step 1.
    10. Hit "restore" on both appbackup and aptabackup.

    Wait a bit and you done.

    The only thing you will need to do is reorganize your folders and settings but besides that everything will be back to normal and hopefully with your voicemail. I got my FaceTime back!!

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