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Thread: unlock with ultrasn0w

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    Default unlock with ultrasn0w
    hey all really new to this whole JB/unlock expereince. digging it 100 percent. mad props to the dev team, app creators and the MMi community. anyways i wanted to know if unlocking the my 3gs on 4.1 is ok to do even if im under contract with ATT.

    one thing i dont want to hassle with is sim changes or anything else.

    will ATT know i have unlocked? and is it advisable to unlock under contract?

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    Why would you want to unlock if you have an ATT contract?
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    ^Lol ya wait till the contract is over, cuz ur already gonna pay for it even if you unlock :P
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    no i no i was just curios if i could unlock now in contract. and what the ramifications are of that.... if i unlock in contract what would be the difference from now and then? i guess that was what i was trying to ask.... hey thanks!

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    Since you are staying with ATT there is no reason to unlock. only do that if you are going to use your iphone on a different carrier. ie t-mobile

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    I think what your trying to ask is will your carrier know if you unlock your phone, I'm fairly new to this myself, however I don't see how you carrier could possibly know what software you have on your phone without ssh-ing into your phone! I'm sure an expert will confirm, I never used to be unlocked until in an emergency when I had the battery ANC no signal and my friend gas signal no battery! Couldn't just slip his aim into my phone to make the call we really needed to make!!

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    ATT probably wouldn't know if you were unlocked, and they certainly wouldn't care. There really is no use as long as you are under contract with them to unlock though.
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    there would be no difference in unlocking now or when your AT&T contract ends, only thing is if you do it now you have more choice if you ever need it (example you can't get signal with AT&T but can with T-mobile), also AT&T will only find out if you show them, but even then its only Apple that can void your warrenty not AT&T, and unlocking is legal

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