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Thread: After Now what?

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    Question After Now what?
    Now that Jail Breaking iOS4 is soooo super simple (for now anyway) I finally did it.

    I backed up my 3GS running iOS 4.0.1 with iTunes then went to EZ right?
    Now I have super cool apps and access to thousands more...

    Here are my questions:
    1. Do I need to save a COPY of the backup file that iTunes created? (I'm thinking that if sometime down the road, say 3 or more syncs to iTunes later, I may need to restore the non-jailbroken backup without restoring the iPhone to original factory settings.)

    2. Is this a real scenario, or can I just keep syncing to iTunes and go back in time as far as I want later?

    3. I don't know how my next iTunes backup of the jailbroken phone works. Does syncing to iTunes also backup the jailbroken apps like Cydia and Winterboard etc... Or do I have to use one of the Cydia apps like PkgBackup seperately along with the iTunes sync to get the complete back up experience?

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    The only way to restore to a backup is to restore just like normal and then jailbreak again.

    A backup doesn't save your cydia apps so Pkgback up is what u need for that. It takes up quite a bit of space so I got it - saved my apps - the removed it becuase it saves the file as a contact so there's no reason to keep it.

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    Quick question. Does video record still work on your camera after jailbreaking?

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    i have a 3gs and used jailbreak me just checked video camera works fine.

    and i wondered the same thing about itunes cause im thinking about jail breaking my wifes iphone and she might not like it and so then i would want to put it back just like it was.
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    So, when I sync with iTunes and it backs up the jailbroken iPhone it only backs up as normal? And if I were to reset to factory and then restore that backup it would be like the jailbreak never happened?

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    from everthing i have read that is correct.or if you do an update before the jail break has been updated.

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    That is correct. With one BUT, if you download aptbackup and hit the backup button it stores a list of your cydia installed apps which will then be restored via a backup to enable you to re-install them with a minimal of fuss. If you want to go back and leave little or no trace, either don't use aptbackup/chronus etc. Or set up as a new phone after restore.

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