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Thread: Enable Multitasking/Wallpaper on 3G

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    Default Enable Multitasking/Wallpaper on 3G
    I updated my 3G to 4.0.1 then used jailbreakme to jailbreak/unlock.

    How do I enable multitasking/wallpaper on it? I know if I have used redsn0w i would have had a choice to enable it, but jailbreakme didn't ask me if I want to enable multitasking

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    its kinda hard 2 secs ill get the link try this
    this isnt the one i used i done coding but this might be easier its called ztoggle but 3g runs realllly slow

    if that dont work let me know and ill tell u the code i used when i find it

    here it is

    Activate "Multitasking" on iPhone 3G Running iOS 4
    1.First step is to install iFile on your iPhone / iPod Touch. You can find step-by-step guide here for iFile installation on iOS 4.0
    2.Open "iFile" and and go to "root" directory. Tab on top left corner of your screen, it will take you root (/) directory.
    3.Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and look for N82AP.plist file.
    4.Once you will open N82AP.plist file, you will see the coding regarding your iPhone functions, you will need to edit the file and add "Multitasking" function to it and set it to "TRUE".
    5.Tab on "Edit" on top left corner of your screen.
    6.To enable Multitasking add following strings to N82AP.plist file.

    7.One you are done with adding these strings, just tab on "Save" and "Done" and close the iFile app.
    8.Restart or respiring your iPhone 3G and enjoy multitasking on it.

    add it under the MMS bit
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    Or just run redsn0w 0.9.5b-5 and check the box to enable multitasking.

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    Simply download Features (for iPhone 3G) from Cydia. Alternatively you could download zToggle (which is probably better) that lets you turn the features on and off very easily.

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    Thanks, I went ahead and just installed zToggle. It would have be a lot more awesome if SBSettings app had a toggle to switch on/off Multitasking/wallpaper.

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    glad it worked

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    As am I!

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