I am having crazy issues with my iphone 4 in regards to battery life.

I want to do a full restore, and then jailbrake again to see if that fixes the issue.

I want to be sure I do it right. I'm not sure what the shsh (or whatever they are called) are, and what I need to do with them.

I know they are "saved" to make "my life easier"...I just don't know if I need to do something in regards to this..

Also when I do a restore, will I loose all my text messaging, folders I have set up (I"m using apple folders) - like what games I have in what folders), mail accounts, etc?

I'm assuming if I backup it won't matter, because we aren't supposed to restore from backup...is that correct? If that's correct I'm assuming I'll loose folders, text messeges, etc, is that right?

Any other advice to do a restore?