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Thread: pdf exploit warning in clock? & WIFI question.

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    Default pdf exploit warning in clock? & WIFI question.
    hey all any help much appreciated. i opened my clock today and went to world time and the "pdf exploit warning" appreared prompting to either load or cancel. i cancelled but i had to cancel 5 times before the prompt went away. anyone know if that app runs a pdf anywhere in it?

    also im trying to figure out why my wifi keeps toggeling back and forth with edge. is there away to keep that from happening? so that it just sticks on wifi. im noticing now safari wont load or YT cant connect.

    what processes might interfere with a solid wifi connection? and is resetting the network a good idea?

    are there any packages which secure wifi?

    thanks guys~!

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    Strange, were you adding or deleting a world clock at the time? I've just tried it myself and not having any problems, are you sure safari wasn't running in the backround on a site which might have caused it?

    You could download sbsettings then disable edge which might help it switching back and forth but sounds like the problem is with your wifi not the phone, is it happening when close to the router or are there walls etc in the way?

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    interesting safari may have been running in the background... great point. i disabled sbs edge and wifi is on at that point with the signals showing but pages still dont load or connect. there are walls in the way, but usually my wifi is strong. i noticed that when it was strong all the settings/marker info was present. i.e. router info, dns info, etc... im waiting for wifi to do that again.

    the only thing i did that was weird was open devicescape and im thinking that that dis-abled my wifi somehow. im wondering if that app should be deleted however i may need it in a hotspot.

    thanks again

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