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Thread: iPhone 3GS jb 4.0.1 randomly re-boots all the time

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    Default iPhone 3GS jb 4.0.1 randomly re-boots all the time
    Hi I've JB my iPhone 3GS 16Gb MC model, and everything works MMS, 3G and email no issues with synching just that everytime I'm on a call it will reboot and start loading again.

    It always reloads no problems, but then if I call again then a few minutes later it'll drop out.

    Can anyone help with a fix or suggestions?


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    It reboots as in turns completely off and then on? Or does it /respring/ which just reloads the UI? Sounds like you need to restore and start all over. Set the phone up as a /new/ profile in iTunes.. not from a back-up in case there is corrupt code or an incompatible app causing crashes.

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    yes it reboots, switching off completely and then on again.

    Will setting it up mean I lose all of my messages and photo's and stuff?

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    Yes you should restore it. Put it in DFU mode, restore to 4.0.1, and set up as new device. You will lose everything, but that's what syncing is for.

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    Hi DFU mode reset no good, full restore and set-up as new phone and still the same problem. I haven't even JB again yet and it's still cutting out during phonecalls.

    Any other suggestions?

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    If it's still having problems after restoring as a new device, you must have some type of hardware problem. When you say cutting out is it still rebooting, or it it just dropping calls. Remember, if you need a phone the iPhone is not the best choice.

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    Yes still rebooting, phoned Tesco who I bought it off after the restore and I was on the phone for 19 mins and it didn't happen, so fingers crossed it might be ok. If not it needs to be sent off to be looked at. If I do a full DFU restore will they be able to tell it was JB?

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    Just make sure to "set up as new device" or else there my be some traces

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    Just an update, had to send it off for repair, couldn't be repaired acceptably and they sent me a new 3GS as replacement, no JB though as running 4.0.1 and have just updated to 4.1 decided i only wanted JB for sat nav so gonna wait and probably buy official DL of TomTom.

    Thanks for comments and suggestions.

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