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Thread: after jailbreakme system storage space running out

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    Default after jailbreakme system storage space running out
    hi all.

    i own an iphone 3gs with old bootrom now jailbroken using jailbreakme site; well, during the restoration process using rockapp backup, iphone told me that i was running out of system space.

    so, i checked the free space through cydia menu and it gave me:

    for "system", 90.4% used - 750M;

    for "private", 92.4% free - 14.3Gb;

    i have installed 175 apps - as rock settings menu said.

    i can't remember having this space problem in 3.1.2 jb fw...

    any suggestion why this happened?

    thanks in advance,


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    Same here and I only have a few apps installed

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    i follow this guide and so i was able to free up to 60% of usage.

    but, it's in italian, here.

    so, i made an instant translation for this procedure but use this at your own risk - i don't want to be responsible for any problem you could encounter.

    The procedure works on the iPhone 3G, 3G and 4 with firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.0.1 and 4

    Add biteyourapple repo on cydia:

    install FreeMyIphone from repo
    Install MobileTerminal (Compatible with iOS4) from repo

    Restart the device

    - maybe you should see a rainbow pixel line at the top of the screen: it's a known bug -

    open mobile terminal from springboard.

    type "su root" without quotation marks and then hit enter;

    You will be prompted for a password. If you did not change it type "alpine" without quotes and hit enter again (this is to gain administrative privileges required to run the tweak).

    Type "chmod 777" without quotes and then hit enter. The cursor returns to the first point. With this operation we have given permission to the script to read, write and be executed.

    Type "./" without quotes and then hit enter. This executes the script.

    Then, you have to confirm at each step by typing:

    [Y] if you want to run the operation
    [N] if you do not want to run the operation

    After the procedure, turn off mobile terminal and reboot the device.
    hope this helps.



    well, i'm experiencing problems whit battery recharging via USB and similar, so i decided to downgrade to 3.1.2. i don't know if these problems are related to this process but, again, use it at your own risk.

    UPDATE #2

    problems were related to another app so i removed it; nevertheless i came back to 3.1.2
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