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Thread: iphone 4 screen problem after Jailbreak

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    Default iphone 4 screen problem after Jailbreak
    I did the COMEX iphone 4 Jailbreak and have noticed at the top of the boot screen several color dots on the left side and on right side. I did a restore and the dots went away! I than did a fresh Jailbreak again and the color dots are back on the boot screen! Is COMEX aware of this issue and it may damage the screen if not addressed. The color dots are from the Jailbreak. Any help or comments, any fixes!

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    That's normal, it goes away after it boots up.

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    same here.. im getting same thing even after a couple reboot..

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    Yes, I noticed it also... It will not harm the screen. It is part of the boot process. You will be fine. :-)

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    Default Solving the problem of the small sized window/screen
    What solved the problem for me was: deleting the Activator and QuickDo tweaks, then rebooting (powering off, powering on). I had the CyDelete tweak previously installed, which meant I just held my finger down on the icons until they wriggled and was able to delete them directly from the home screen by clicking on the black x. I don't know what I would've done without CyDelete... I suppose I would have tried to navigate through Cydia on the tiny quarter of a screen, and attempt to delete them from there. In retrospect, I believe just deleting Activator was enough to solve the problem.

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