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Thread: Freaky iPhone Luck?

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    Default Freaky iPhone Luck?
    Hey all,

    Anyone out there shed some light on this: I got a replacement 3GS (retail device crapped-out while still under warranty) and Cydia reports thAt it has blobs for all firmware versions from 3.1.2 to present. Is this possible? That is, should I believe that these really are functional blobs? If so, how?

    Here's why I'm a bit skeptical. A few weeks ago I tried to backup my blobs to my machine with tinyumbrella. At the time, I was using 3.1.3 on a 3GS. In addition to copying my 3.1.3 blobs to my hard drive, it reported also securing my 4.0 blobs. This confused me, since I've yet to install 4.0. Someone in the forums said that this was just because tiny got the sig for 4.0 automatically while fetching the 3.1.3 sig. Hmm. Thing is, the file for the 3.1.3 was something like 64kb, the 4.0 was 4kb--which makes me think that the report to have my 4.0 blobs (also now reported in Cydia) is false.

    Okay, back to my replacement 3GS. I assume that it is a refurbished unit. So it is possible, I suppose, that the original owner JB it and stored the blobs on Cydia. Anyone have this experience? Is there another explanation?


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    Yes, I have heard of this many times with refurbed units. Lucky you! Check to see if it's an old bootrom and you really got lucky.

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    ah, so I'm not the first to encounter this? A jb "pay it forward."

    Oddly (or isn't it) the replacement came with 4.0 installed. I assumed they'd have a large enough pool of refurbs to still have 3.1 on them--did they go back and update the iOS of all refurbs in stock? Even at the retail outlets? Lots of work, if so.

    The details (for those interested) of the replacement:

    4.0 (8a293)
    SN: #K###K###NP

    Have yet to look at the boot rom version.

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    Yours is old bootrom with it being a MB model, and yeah lucky you on getting 1 with blobs saved, and I got a replacement from Apple and it had iOS 4 on aswell

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