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Thread: iPhone 4 jailbreak won't be here until Christmas - don't close my thread!

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    Thumbs down iPhone 4 jailbreak won't be here until Christmas - don't close my thread!
    Moderators - if your going to close threads that you don't agree with, then why don't you all post just what we can make a thread about. There was nothing wrong with this topic. If you want to close it then you could atleast post a logical reason for doing so. Other users feel like this too. Just because you don't, it's doesn't give you the right to play forum god! When apple deleted the negative antenna threads on their forum, you was soooo fast to post yourselves a big fat article about how their moderators delete thread and poke fun of them. Now look at you closing threads. So go ahead and close this one too and show everyone how hipacriticle and tathedic you really are. Don't worry all copy this one too.

    Why is it that the android community can root their devices and release a tool in a matter of days? I know you may think that I'm just another user that is b$thing because the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 is not out yet but on a serious note, does it really take this long? The new drokid x has a root and unroot one button app out with in a weeks time. We all seen the dev team post that the iPhone was jail broken with in a week as well. Why does it take this long for the tool? Why can't they release the tool for the iPhone 4 now, THEN work on the tool for all idevices? Do we really need an all n one tool that takes 2 months to release? Is the dev team the only people on the planet that can jailbreak the iPhone? Geohot, but he ran out of the seen like the young child he is. But remember the days of the first 3GS jailbreak? We waited forever until geohot got pissed off and made a tool in two days after calling out the dev team. The of course the dev apologized to everyone for the wait. And look and watch as we play the waiting game again. Dev team waiting on 4.1 so apple won't patch their sucurity hole. Just like geohot said last year, "there will always be another hole". It's been a month and a half, DEV TEAM, come on with it already.

    I wish I has the means myself to make a jailbreak. I wouldn't post multiple pics on the net saying that I can jailbreak the iPhone 4 the make the community wait a month and a half for a damn tool. Call me ungrateful if you want but the way I see it, all I need is the first jailbreak. I'll upgrade from here on out with custom firmware. If something goes wrong then I'll restore with my shsh.

    Give us a tool or share your work with the community so that other can jailbreak the iPhone. Geohot posted
    His source code.... **** if it takes the dev team a month and a half to get something done then let others help! That's what a community does together.

    Those are my thoughts.... Bash me if you want. You all know that you want to say it too, your just afraid they won't release it if you do. Man up and let the dev team know how you really feel.
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    Go ahead and beat a dead a horse, soon there will be no JB at all. It will be because threads like this and people like you.

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    1. there is a main thread on for title "are we there yet"
    2. complaining here and whining compairing to the andriod community...not necesary...i just downloaded my froyo 2.2 rooted for evo...but im not here complaining why my i4 isnt jailbroken
    3. no one is playing forum god...just organizing thinigs is please stop with this nonesense...alot of users are getting tired of threads like this..understand ur not the only one that started a thread like this...

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