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Thread: No service error

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    Default No service error
    Hi guys, i've been having this "no service" problem for a week now, its really annoying since i cannot make any calls or text anybody at times of need.
    Any body can please help me with the problem?
    It goes from full bar to one bar and then to No service

    I restored, already reset network settings, already reset all settings, treid the airplane on/off trick, tried reboot but NOTHING seems to work

    HELP D:

    i'm from malaysia using DIGI, my phone is factory unlocked and i'm on 3.1.3 jailbroken with Spirit

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    You may need to try a restore and JB unlock again.

    Do you have new or old bootrom?

    Any SHSH on file?

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    yeap, i tried to restore and jailbreak again already, it just goes to no service

    umm 05.12.01 is that new or old? @[email protected]

    yeah i have SHSH files on 3.1.3 and 4.0

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    Here's the link for checking your bootrom:

    If you are old bootrom we can get you JB and unlocked on 4.0 and see if it that fixes it...

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    oh gosh
    if i do that how am i gonna get out of DFU mode?

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    To get out of DFU mode you just restart the iphone.

    If you are not comfortable doing it this way, you can do a check of your serial number. Look at the first five numbers, the 3rd number is the year (9 = 2009 and 0 = 2010), you need a 9. The 4th and 5th numbers are the week and you would need something below 40 to have a chance it's old bootrom.

    I think forecast can give you your bootrom version to ( Check your serial number first, if it's above ##940 then you are new boot anyway, if it's less you need to double check with forecast or the method above.

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    my serial number is 85005NU83NP

    so its new or old? ><

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    That's going to be new bootrom unfortunately.

    However, the new JB is just supposed to be out any day, so you can stick where you are at present and upgrade when it's released.

    Hopefully someone else can suggest an alternative in the interim. Sorry, I can't help more.

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    so the new jailbreak is gonnna be spirit? right? o.0

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    Could be.

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