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Thread: Purchase Help Please

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    Default Purchase Help Please
    I'm looking to buy a 3rd gen iPod Touch 32GB refurb from Apple. My question is, if the iPod I get has never been jailbroken or have its "blobs" saved via Cydia will I be able to restore to the same version firmware (let's say it's on 3.1.3 now) if I need to restore? Or what if it comes with 4.0 or higher on it? The jailbreaking matrix shows a 3rd gen ipt can only be jailbroken on 3.1.3 or lower, and if I have to restore I will be forced to upgrade to 4.0 or higher and will loose my jailbreak until a new jb comes out. Is this correct?

    Thanks to all of those who help

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    No, you will only be able to restore to the firmware you have SHSH blobs for. Sad but true

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    So if I purchased a brand new sealed ipt 3g (that has never been jailbroken) and it was on fw 3.1.3 would I be able to back up the SHSH blobs? Or is it too late for that? What would be the best route to take in purchasing a new ipt 3g? Would I be better off getting a used/already jailbroken device or is it ok to get a brand new device on fw 3.1.3?

    Thanks again

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    When you went to back up your SHSH blobs, you would have 4.1 blobs backed up, regardless of what FW you are on.

    If you can confirm it is on 3.1.3, then go for it! 3.1.3 is a breeze to jailbreak! That, and the new jailbreak is in the works now. Only a few bugs are being worked out before it is released.

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