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Thread: remove the search from home screen?

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    Default remove the search from home screen?
    Is there anyway to remove the search that's on 3.0 home screen? I never use it and it is annoying.

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    I assume your talking about spotlight? If so , no there is no way to remove it or stop it from coming up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjfitz7 View Post
    I assume your talking about spotlight? If so , no there is no way to remove it or stop it from coming up.
    It's the page where there's no apps when you go to it you can search your iphone.

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    That is spotlight. And you are stuck with it
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    Go to settings>general>home> search, and you can select what you want to search, that's all you can do to adjust settings for spotlight.... I've also heard if you deselect all search options it frees up memory, but that might just be hear say....

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    Thanks i'll give that a try.

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    I wish it were possible. I too do not use it.

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    Spotlight is great!! Its good when u want to search for a song or app when u cant be bothered looking for it. id never get rid of it
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    I agree, i love spot light. I love it on my mac too. It is 100x quicker than finding it in a list or screen of apps. Maybe its a power user feature

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    Yes perhaps the mere mortals just dont think to use it

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    I just started using spotlight. I'd rather it be an icon I can put on the dock instead of the "first page," but it is coming in handy for finding apps I know I have but didn't see on a quick page flip.

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