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Thread: Developing a Program to Restore without iTunes

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    Default Developing a Program to Restore without iTunes
    I'm not sure if this has been covered before or not, but im just throwing this idea out for discussion. And yes im new to this forum so please forgive my incompetence if I am completely misunderstanding something here.

    Many of the current and past jail-breaking tools involve modifying the iDevice's ipsw firmware file to incorporate the suitable exploit/jailbreak data, and then either sending it to the phone, or using the modified ipsw and using itunes to restore the device.

    For those of us with 3GS iPhones (and perhaps the iPhone 4) Apple doesn't like us restoring with anything other than the latest original firmware file and is quite anal about it. Of course there are the exceptions if you have your SHSH files backed up etc... But thats beside the point. Its still a hassle and we are limited to time frames, specific versions etc...

    This leads me to the idea of having a program which is capable of communicating with and iDevice and completing a restore process. With itunes, we have all kinds of issues with verification, security, file checking, erros, etc... Is it possible, or should say is it feasible, to develop a program that can perform restore operations on an iDevice? The goal would be to simple select any suitable firmware file, and restore the device with it, whether its a modified file or not. Using this method we wouldn't have to worry about all of Apple's verification and update barriers.

    If we could restore iDevices without iTunes, I think it would make all of our iphone, ipod, and ipad influenced lives a bit less aggravating. That would open up a world of options that would allow the process jailbreaking and unlocking to be much easier. Downgrading would be no problem either.

    Of course things are always easier said than done. I'm not a programmer, nor do I have the knowledge to fully understand what is involved with developing such a program. Its just a concept. Perhaps somebody with proper knowledge can elaborate or utilize the idea. Im sure there are all kinds of security obstacles within the devices that may prevent something like this from succeeding, but there is a way around everything. I just want to leave it open for discussion.

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    It really wouldn't solve the problem of needing shsh's to be able to downgrade. It's not iTunes that stops the fw installation, it's the idevice itself that does. When you install a fw on a newer device it requires the fw to be signed by apple. If it doesn't receive the signature or receives the wrong info it will stop the installation. ITunes only acts as a messenger between the idevice and Apple.

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    Is the verification process embedded in the firmware itself? Or is it from a different part of the phone?

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    Interesting... Saurik said that 3g's and ipod touches (2g i think?) are also going to require for the fw to be signed by apple. Putting what jkmonkey and saurik said together, my best guess would be that its embedded somewhere in the firmware.

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    i just restored my iphone 3g now it using there any way to jailbreak my phone now

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