Hello all
i have these problems with my iPhone(once again...)
everytime i use Rock in about 3-5 Minutes the screen flashes white(like about a couple milsecs and only once)then blacks out then the apple logo shows(meaning it rebooted)
im starting to think its because of the iOS4 because lately i have been having problems since i got iOS4....and i have heard most problems happen on the 3G not a lot on the 3GS...and of course i cant go back to the old firmware(3.1.2)

Then another problem,
The App Store DOES NOT work...i can go inside the App Store and choose a app BUT once i touch INSTALL the screen freezes then blacks out then back to the homescreen
and i cant install apps by iTunes because iTunes doesnt detect it(Mobile Device problem...but i got over it...its because i have Windows 7 64 Bit)

Anyways,can anyone help me or know whats wrong?

BTW my iPhone is and was re-jailbroken with the latest redsn0w and is on the nw iOS4 firmwire...and whats funny is that my brother has the 3GS and did the EXACT same jailbreak steps and his App Store works and his Rock works.....which is,to my conclusion,the 3G is the iPhone that has been having many problems...