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Thread: JB's 3G iPhone is having lots of problems lately

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    Default JB's 3G iPhone is having lots of problems lately
    I have a 16 GB iPhone that I JB'd using blackra1n last year.

    I'm running version 3.1.2 (7D11) and baseband version 05.11.07

    Within the last few weeks, my device has started acting up - random screen freezes, I'm no longer able to connect to the HU in my car, error messages in Cydia (since fixed), random black screens when launching an app, etc...

    As mentioned above, I was able to fix the error messages in Cydia, but the device is still not 100%

    Oh, and my available memory used to average in the mid 60's with a high of around 82MBfree memory if I would reboot and then "Free up Memory", but now, it generally displays in the mid 40's and a high of about 58MB, although there are no unusual tasks running, just what I've always run.

    It seems like I lost about 20MB RAM somewhere, although performance hasn't noticeably suffered.

    Running MemTool doesn't restore my free memory to the levels it used to be either.

    I have a lot of downloaded apps, customizations to the UI, having to do a restore and then JB again and re-install my apps, settings, UI, etc...will be a major undertaking.

    Is there anything I can do to avoid having to blow it up and start from scratch?

    If so, please reply.

    Also, I'm somewhat of a newbie so advice in "english" and not devspeak would be double appreciated.

    I don't expect to be spoonfed and only ask for help after I've tried to troubleshoot the device myself and I did have to re-install Cydia, but I'm still having some issues that need to be fixed.

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    I'm thinking it might be anything related to customizing the UI or theming (esp. with Winterboard). Over time it could just be eating everything up and slowing things down. Have you attempted to remove any themes (and WB if applicable) and UI customizations to see if that adjusts the problem? Having too many apps could also slow things down a bit so I always delete apps that I haven't touched in a while (like Navigon or games in my case) which keeps my phone from lags/freezes.

    I'm thinking if none of the above adjusts the problem(s), a restore might be necessary.

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