Hi, I've been looking everywhere and can't seem to find anyone else with this problem, so I'm putting it out here ...
I've a 3GS (I bought unlocked from apple store) which I pwned about a year ago and was working great (thus I'm pretty sure I have the old bootroom?). Last week I downloaded pwnagetool 4.1 and upgraded to 4.0 ... it worked fine except for the fact that I can't send or receive texts or calls anymore!
When I try to text, instantly a little red exclamation mark appears beside it. Immediate error with trying to call as well.
In settings, under 'phone', it used to show my number; now it just says 'unknown'.
The phone definitely knows that the SIM card is in, because when I take it out it tells me that there's no SIM card installed. I've a permanent one bar of reception in the corner.

Today I tried to jailbreak again, with no luck; I tried twice, both with restoring to old backup then to starting fresh as a 'new iphone', neither has worked.

What did I do wrong?? What can I do now? Should I restore with Apple's 4.1 firmware and risk the new bootroom?

Thanks in advance for any help!