That's pretty much the gist of it. I'll be headed out to sea again for several months in a few weeks, and by this point I'm pretty familiar with the whole process... I've restored to 3.13 a few times now, using the modified hosts file trick and a DL'd local copy of the 3.13 FW. Once using no-**** DFU mode... it kept freezing during restore mode. But all of this still requires internet.

When did this verification thing start? 3.13? Is there an older 3.x FW I can downgrade to so that if my device crashes hard, I'm not SOL until we see land again? Or some other thing I can do to trick it?

I use pcsuite and ifunbox to back up stable revisions of the filesystem, so if only I could restore it, I think I'd be pretty much golden. Help very appreciated.