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Thread: In need of professional help jailbreaking

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    Default In need of professional help jailbreaking
    Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

    I have an iPhone-3GS I purchased back in September 2009. I live in Canada and I'm with Fido, which has been excellent, so I'm not in need of an unlocked iPhone. Instead, what I'd like to do is jailbreak my iPhone.

    For a brief history, back in December 2009 I was running 3.1.2 on my phone, and a friend recommended blackra1n to me to jailbreak my phone. I used it, to great success, and ran that on my phone until May 2010, when in a moment of stupidity I turned it off. Lacking the knowledge I now have, I couldn't get it to boot back into the jailbroken OS, leaving me with no option but to upgrade to 3.1.3.

    Since then, I've upgraded to 4.0, and I've been keeping track of the jailbreaking news, as instructions are released to jailbreak iPads, iPods, and iPhones that don't quite match my description.

    So my question to you experts out there is this:

    I have an iPhone 3GS running the offical 4.0 version of iOS. I'm running Windows 7 (which is ******* excellent) and I've looked it up in device manager and I've got the old bootrom. version 359.3 is the old version and 359.3.2 is the new version right?

    I've looked around, and while I can find instructions on how new bootroms and previously jailbroken phones can be jailbroken anew with iOS 4, I haven't found any instructions to match my particular situation. If any experts out there could offer some advice or point to a set of instructions that could help me, I would be so goddamn appreciative. I can feel Apple's noose tightening already.

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    did you hit the "make my life easier" button in cydia and save your shsh's for 3.1.2, if so you can use this guide to downgrade to 3.1.2 and use redsn0w or blackrain to jailbreak and the use sn0wbreeze to create a custom 4 iOS and shift+restore to that

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    Unfortunately I didn't hit that link in Cydia. To be honest I don't even know what a shsh is. I've come across that before but I guess it's not an option.

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    If you haven't made your life easier, you havent saved your SHSH, so at present you cant JB. Maybe in a few weeks.

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    check out tinyumbrella, it'll check the servers to see if you have any of the 3.1.* shsh blobs saved.

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