First off this is not my phone, I know the rules of not upgrading so quickly so on and so forth...but just like GEOhot said earlier today, the JB scene became too easy where everybody thought they were a pro. Regardless, heres my story. My friends original 3Gs, 16GB non-mc model iphone is stuck at the apple loading screen. I originally jailbroke this back on 3.1.2 and if I'm not mistaken his shsh blobs are on file. Of course 3.1.3 and everyone was excited for a small update, and of course he upgraded and locked the phone. He eventually used Spirit to jailbreak his 3.1.3 as well like a rookie. Long story short, I know it's wrong if you try to update to non-pwned 4.0 from a SPIRIT jailbroken device your phone will be stuck in a loop.....well that's where I am. I've searched forums here and google and everyone seems to be mentioning this iRecovery tool but I can't get any of the guides to work. Also tried RECBOOT but nothing. iRecovery doesn't even work from Terminal so I don't know if i've made a valid attempt. It's become so much to keep up with now if blobs are on file, what model number, what baseband, what version of windows was used blah blah blah that all the guides start becoming overkill. I'm sure someone in this site has made this mistake too.....I'm just asking for pointers on how to at least get this phone into recovery mode to i can try to pwn it. BTW, I know it's significant but the iphone doesn't pass the apple loading screen and it's not recognized by iTunes either in a PC or MAC.

Just to avoid to direction...I have visited the hackintosh site and followed guides to get into DFU and so forth. The phone is literally stuck. Thanks in advance guys.