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Thread: JB 3gs in OS 4.0 - Help needed from GURU's

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    Default JB 3gs in OS 4.0 - Help needed from GURU's
    All you iPhone 3gs GURUs,

    I have a totally weird problem with jailbreaking by 3gs and would appreciate any assistance provided.

    Below is the chronological order of things that I did to my iphone 3gs
    1. Bought my brand new iphone 3gs (Bootrom - 359.3.2; firmware - 3.1.2) from a seller in Dec '09 and JB, unlocked it with B1ackrain and used my 3gs with no issues for almost 6 months with T-Mobile
    2. Tried to upgrade my 3gs to a jailbreaken os 4.0 using pwange tool (snowbreeze) using Windows via the steps listed in redmonpie.
    3. Biggest mistake done - I forgot to save a copy of my firmware in Cydia
    4. As multiple updates to JB OS4.0 failed, i was frustrated and upgraded to OS 4.0 directly from Apple (the dumbest thing I did)

    Now my iphone 3gs is locked to AT&T, due to which I had to take a AT&T connection.

    Though I have read this forum and other forums multiple times, can some one tell me if there is a unlock method/tool available for my 3gs Os4.0?
    If no alternative is available currently can someone tell me if there will be a solution for me to unlock the os 4.0 in the near future? I will be leaving US shortly and would like to use my iphone 3gs after unlocking.

    All you GURUs please let me know if I should keep my hopes up or is my iphone good for nothing once i leave US?

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    You are stuck for now, the new jb is expected in a few weeks once that comes out you will be able to unlock again. Save your 4.0 shsh blobs now with tinyumbrella 4.00.54 so you have them in the future.
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