Finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone 3G after getting super excited about the multi-tasking ability in iOS 4 and then being painfully let down. I used the pwnagetool and am now anxiously waiting for all of my data to be restored so I can get all the cool apps! (god I miss firewire) Anyway, while I'm waiting I've been trying to find ways to do all of the things I was missing in the un-jailbroken phone, but it's proving a bit more difficult than I thought. So I decided to break down and post my questions here where I'm sure there are hundreds of knowledgeable people who will know how to get exactly what I'm looking for.

So here's my wish list:

1. An easy way (i.e. no SSH or the like please, I'm afraid that's a bit over my head) to access the iPod preference to turn on shuffling by albums. It CAN'T be that hard, right?

2. A way to assign ringtones to an entire group of contacts, rather than assigning each individually.

3. A scheduler that automatically turns silent on and off. (I think I have found an app that can do this, but thought someone might know of the best one).

4. Something to replace the notifications app I have been using to be notified of new text messages from google voice, or any app that could integrate google voice with the iPhone.

I can't freakin wait til every thing is loaded and I can play with my new phone!

I really hope I posted this in the right place, I'm still new to this.