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Thread: How to jailbreak iPhone 4 ??

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    Wow... let's see how many pages we can make this useless thread... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lintrix View Post
    Because he hasn't made limera1n yet and has no plans to in the future.
    limera1n is fake... geohot posted on twitter that he does not own the website. its simply a website with a green raindrop on it.

    Keep Or Delete My Sig ? :/

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    Can I jailbreak my iphone4 yet? I don't need an unlock because I am going to start putting up my own towers so I always have 6 bars no matter how I hold my phone.

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    Open Your Eyes Guys, LimeRa1n Was Never A Real... He Said It Was Never Going To Be Made... And Pwned4Life Was Made Up, He Was Referring To PwnageTool During An Interview And They Misunderstood. Don't Believe Me? I'm Sure You'll Believe Kyle Matthews And GeoHot Himself:

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimson_fried View Post
    You know, there have been comments made about my attitude when it comes to people and tech these days. Of course these comments have not been "nice" nor have they been made by people that know half of what they would like to believe they know.

    With that said, people like the author of this thread have no business owning an IPhone or anything Apple, period. In fact, he should own something like a Samsung "smart phone" (you know, just a basic phone with a touch screen). Why? For starters he is an arrogant little waste of forum space and obviously expects everyone to fall at his feet when he comes around asking about something that people with real KNOWLEDGE already have the answer to. "how can I jailbreak my NEW Iphone4". Seriously? First off, nobody cares that you have a "new" IPhone 4, it is probably the only IPhone you have ever owned and I'm guessing its the only thing in your house with an APPLE logo on (besides anything you put your "NEW" Apple stickers on). You ask about the jailbreak as if you actually know what it really is and as if you have past experience with it yet just by asking the question you showed that you in fact have NO past experience. Had you owned and jailbroken an Apple device at any point in your life, you would have already known the answer to that question and not wasted forums space by asking it.

    Moving on now to your attitude and total lack of respect for the people that posted an answer to your question. Again, please remember that your question really should have just been deleted and it's only because we have a member population that actually cares about helping people that your question was answered. Most people could see what you were when they saw the title of the thread, I know I did.

    You asked an inane question, replied to the person who answered you with a smartass comment and then dropped out of the thread all together. Fact of the matter is that you registered after searching google for some "magical jailbreak" -even if it existed, you probably wouldnt know how to use it- and finding our website. Now that you have your answer, you will probably never post here again and never take the time to actually contribute anything to our community.

    So enjoy your new IPhone and make sure to walk around with no case on it so that people can see the apple logo. Do not forget to pull it out and make calls that you really dont need to make with the hopes that someone will give you some attention and think you are "cool". Make sure you tell everyone that you have it and start acting like you are an Apple fan even though you probably know nothing about the company.

    What I'm trying to say here is this. People like you making anything tech well, no fun. You get things just because you think its the cool thing to do (dont worry that you are a few years to late on that one) and then pretend that you are a geek. If you want to own cool things, fine but dont use people on this website and others to help create that mask you wear when you are out in the streets bragging about "what you know".

    Dont like my post? Move on with your life then because I'm tired of reading threads like this. YES, modmyi is a GREAT place to learn things but when people come here to make a couple of post asking stupid questions (because they have not done any research) and then insult our members, I really dont give a damn about having them here.

    But how do you really feel?
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?

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    @ crimson_fried...amen!!!

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