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Thread: Security of jailbreaking

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    Default Security of jailbreaking
    Possibly a newbie question, but a question nontheless:

    I know apple can't trace you and such, that's all ok, but i was wondering about whether or not i should use jailbreaking to "try" apps that i want to buy, to see which i prefer.

    GPS systems - in a store, i can try the tomtom vs. the navigon and decide which i prefer. On the app store, i can't do that, so i am left pondering whether to buy copilot or navigon.

    I know it isn't LEGAL to do that, but i'm pretty sure i can get over that particular mental barrier knowing that i was about to buy one anyway. I just want the right one. So my question is - what's the chances of getting into trouble in that regard, ie. will the program alert someone in an office somewhere that it's not legal, or can someone see that i've installed it through some element of cydia's servers and trace it back to me?

    Or am i doing something heinously illegal and need to f**k off? I recently sold my satnav to buy one for my iphone, but now i can't make my mind up which i want, and i really don't want to piss money away buying the wrong one. This is virtually the reason i jailbroke in the first place.

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    Well your reasons are somewhat honourable I guess and I'm not here to judge.

    When you download said IPA your details will be stored, not to be used against you, but the server you download from will have a trace of it at least. So technically in future they may be forced to disclose that info. However if you own that product at the time there is no problem with this, because you can say it was downloaded a backup.

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    I also understand your concern and yes I have bought App form the Appstore that did not do what I thought it would and then trashed the app.

    I beleive if the Dev whether it be form the app store or form Cyida or Rock believes in his app then he will have a Trial version if not I do a search her at ModMyI and also on google and read up on the app!

    I WILL NOT put a cracked ipa app on my phone!

    Some have said that Apple Store can tell that you have a cracked app through you Itunes sync and will charge you sooner or later, I don't know for sure but I am not going to try and find out!

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    its as risky as downloading mp3's or movies off the internet illegally and running them on your computer

    as of right now, apple cannot or does not search for cracked apps on the phone.

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    But just because Apple doesn't look for cracked apps doesn't mean it can't. One apple has a killswitch, but sbsettings can disable that in the 'more' menu. Two, some apps phone home. Three some apps will not work if you're jailbroken, you get a message that says, 'This app will not work on a jailbroken phone,' or something like that.

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    Some apps even block you from actually using them after they detect you used a cracked version. Say you use the cracked version it will say you are using a cracked version and not work. So you go to buy it then it will still not work for you because the dev used your UDID and blocked your device. Meaning the only way you can use it will be to contact the dev and talk to them about it.

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